What is on Pawan Kalyan's mind? Has he ever desired to be Chief Minister? If so, why does he support the TDP? He has suggested that N chandrababu naidu serve as chief minister for ten years.
It has been predicted that the partnership between the tdp and the Jana Sena will last a decade. Many questions emerge from this, but there is only one answer: Pawan has a different goal in mind, which is 2033.
Several months before the elections, Pawan called an important meeting with Jana Sena leaders to discuss his vision. He stated his ideas plainly, according to reputable sources.

He stated that his goal to become cm is set for 2033. He also stated that those who are willing to wait until then may stay, while those who are not are free to depart.
Pawan stated during the gathering that his goal is to become chief minister by 2033 and that in the meantime, he will lead the party with as many MLAs as possible.
Pawan may anticipate that chandrababu naidu will have retired from politics by 2033 when he will be 85 years old.
Furthermore, he may feel that the media's power in telugu politics will decline by that time.

The telugu desam party has relied significantly on media support, and without it, its hold on power may weaken. This might be an indication of Pawan's insight.
So what about Jagan?
Pawan may assume that if jagan loses, Chandrababu, with his social circle and media, would politically finish him off. This might explain why he has set his eyes on 2033. Perhaps he shared this aim with his top allies.
However, as the proverb goes, "Man proposes, and god disposes." Unexpected circumstances have often derailed well-laid plans throughout history.

Consider NTR, who never anticipated being betrayed by his son-in-law, YS Rajasekhara Reddy, who never expected to be involved in a helicopter disaster, or PV narasimha Rao, who never expected to become prime minister so quickly.
Thus, while Pawan has set a ten-year goal and partnered with the telugu Desam to initially challenge jagan, he may underestimate the community behind the tdp and the tremendous forces at work.
This might explain why he created a decade-long program. He will learn a lot over time.



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