Jagan's government could not satisfy the employees in terms of salaries, pensions, arrears and so on, so the employees were completely against the government. All the employees were fired that the jagan government did not even hold any discussions regarding salaries. jagan reduced the benefits which were expected to be increased later. Due to this, the employees completely opposed the ycp government. After this, problems like late payment of salaries also angered the employees. Therefore, the government employees are trying every minute to bring the jagan government into trouble.

It seems that they have also released the video of pinnelli ramakrishna reddy destroying the EVM. The election commission has already made it clear that they have not released this video. So it is clear that this work is done by employees, they are not only trying to defeat ycp but also supporting TDP. It seems that the employees are also responsible for the clashes on the polling day. Their tdp helped them in every way and ycp encouraged them to attack them. Prominent political analysts say that the tdp goons have instigated the ycp leaders saying that they are behind them.

The police along with the rest of the employees gave full cooperation to tdp only. The entire police system has been cornered by the TDP. When the tdp leaders were preventing the ycp party from getting votes, the police did not stop them unless they saw the incident. The joke is that they broke the CCTV cameras and released the tdp goons inside the polling booth. On the whole, tdp supported them well and behaved as if they would win. But this time if ycp comes to power, there is a possibility of more trouble for them.

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