The results of the andhra pradesh State assembly and parliament elections will be out within a week. Polling for the sixth phase of parliament is going on across the country on Saturday. After the next phase, the election results will be released across the country simultaneously. ap results will also come here. But before the ap results, ycp leaders and telugu desam party leaders are making noise on social media and in front of the media saying that it is their victory.

While the telugu brothers are saying that the telugu Desam alliance will get more than 130 seats, the ycp leaders are revealing that the ycp will get 175 seats. Recently, jagan Mohan reddy also brought this issue to the fore. But in this context, former ycp leader Raghuramakrishna Raju made sensational comments. He revealed that the ycp party will definitely lose in the next elections.

If ycp loses this assembly election, Raghuramakrishna Raju has bombed that Jaganmohan reddy will not step foot in the assembly. He stated that Jaganmohan reddy cannot bear the shame of the party's defeat. Raghuramakrishna Raju made it clear that Jaganmohan reddy would think of stepping into the assembly as an opposition leader... his nature would be very different. He said that Jaganmohan reddy will spend time without coming to the assembly just like kcr in telangana state.

But if the ycp party really loses, Jaganmohan reddy may not go to the assembly for a few days, analysts say. After the situation is settled, Jaganmohan reddy will go to the assembly as usual. There will be a chance to strengthen the ycp party. Analysts are also saying the same thing that there is already a reputation that jagan will get back where he lost. It is also said that Jaganmohan reddy who won 151 seats will bounce back again.

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