For the past few days there have been allegations that Macharla mla Pinnelli ramakrishna REDDY' target='_blank' title='ramakrishna reddy-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ramakrishna reddy has vandalized the EVM. But this matter keeps turning day by day. The Central election commission became serious about the mla because he had already destroyed the EVMC. Notices have also been issued on Pinnelli. The police were ordered to arrest him. Pinnelli also filed a petition for anticipatory bail. With this, the court has issued orders to the police not to take any action till june 6.

However, the bench also issued crucial orders to conduct a hearing on this petition. It can be said that Pinnelli got some relief from this. The incident of vandalizing the EVM at the polling station at Palwai Gate of Macharla constituency has gone viral on social media. But the election commission informed that they have not released this video. Chief Electoral Officer of the state mukesh Kumar meena has also informed that an inquiry should be conducted on how this video came out.

However, the ycp leaders suggest that the video was first shared by nara lokesh from his social media account and whether there was any role for lokesh behind the leak of the video. It was reported that two EVMs were vandalized in 8 polling centers in Macherla. But it seems that the video of breaking the remaining 9 EVMs has not come out. But there is a lot of argument that this video has been released in a hurry against the rules and it seems that in the end it seems to hang around Lokesh's neck. Let's see what happens.

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