Despite a nationwide fall in IT job advertising, certain IT hotspots like as hyderabad are experiencing significant increase. According to data from Indeed, the worldwide employment site, hyderabad is strengthening its place as a major Information technology (IT) hub, with a significant growth in IT job possibilities.

The data, compiled from job listings and job clicks on Indeed's website between april 2023 and april 2024, reveal a 41.5% increase in IT job postings in hyderabad, beating Bengaluru's 24% increase. This development demonstrates Hyderabad's growing attraction for IT experts looking for new chances.
Furthermore, job seeker interest has skyrocketed, with hyderabad seeing a 161% increase in job clicks compared to an 80% increase in Bengaluru, showing strong interest among job searchers in Hyderabad's expanding IT industry.

In contrast to this rise, the national IT employment market has experienced a minor decline. IT job ads throughout the country have decreased by 3.6%, underscoring IT businesses' cautious hiring policies in light of the uncertain global economic climate.
"Software and IT positions appear to be in high demand, not only by those already working in the field but also by individuals looking for new career opportunities," said Sashi Kumar, Head of Sales at Indeed India. "Despite the cutbacks, the popularity of IT employment has increased. This great interest in IT might also be attributed to the substantial skill specialization, training, and experience required for these positions," he explained.

Indeed’s data: Top IT skills currently in demand

* Analysis skills: 5.51%

* Agile methodologies: 5.39 %

* APIs: 4.5%

* JavaScript: 4%

* SQL: 4%

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