Seven masterminds in Jagan's army..!!

-Those seven who lead Jagan.

-Everyone has a different background.

-They play a key role in Jagan's decisions.

There are seven masterminds in Jagan's army. Each one has a different background. However, their advice is included in every political decision taken by Jagan. The brains of these seven people are behind the key decisions taken by Jagan. Those seven advisors whom jagan trusts the most are Sajjala ramakrishna REDDY' target='_blank' title='ramakrishna reddy-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ramakrishna reddy, vijayasai reddy, yv subba reddy, ajay Kallam, Talashila Raghuram, Samuel and sakshi Dhanunjay Reddy. Who are they? What are their backgrounds? Let's know about them in brief.

Sajjala ramakrishna Reddy:

Sajjala ramakrishna REDDY' target='_blank' title='ramakrishna reddy-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ramakrishna reddy is known as the voice of jagan in Jagan's coterie. A person who has been running with jagan for a long time. Sajjala ramakrishna REDDY' target='_blank' title='ramakrishna reddy-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ramakrishna reddy, who worked as a journalist in many newspapers, played a key role in sakshi magazine since its inception. He has been playing a vital role in the party since the formation of YCP. After jagan came to power, he became the official voice of YCP. There is talk that what Sajjala said is what jagan said. That is why the opposition is calling him the minister of all departments.

Vijayasai Reddy:

Venumbaka vijayasai reddy is said to be the most powerful person in Jagan's team. vijayasai reddy, who has worked as an auditor of Jagan's companies since before he entered politics, is a key figure in maintaining Jagan's financial empire without legal complications. The history of going to jail along with jagan in property cases of jagan is a success story. That is why jagan made him MP. After jagan, if you have to name anyone as the number two in the partyit is vijaya sai reddy who has gained so much fame.

YV Subbareddy:

He has a close relationship with jagan from the beginning. Being a relative, yv subbareddy is a strong leader who can mention any matter to cm Jagan. Subbareddy is known to be able to influence the key decisions taken by Jagan. Elected as mp in 2014 from YCP. After that, he also worked as ttd Chairman.

Ajay Kallam:

Ajay Kallam is a retired IAS officer. He also held key positions during the tenure of YS and Chandrababu. However many do not know that he belongs to the reddy community. After retirement, he became Jagan's trusted pawn. That is why jagan chose him and made him the Chief Advisor to the Chief Minister. Being a bureaucrat by nature, he has control over the governance of the government. It helps jagan to make key decisions.

 Sakshi Dhanunjay Reddy:

Dhanunjay reddy is a young man. Dhanunjay reddy from kadapa district started his career as a journalist today. sakshi joined it right from the start. He came close to the management while looking at the responsibilities of the education desk. jagan is a bitter advocate in connecting the leaders to the party. He has been Jagan's confidant for decades. Dhanunjay reddy, who has a keen appetite for politics, can claim to be a young man in Jagan's team.

Talashila Raghuram:

Thalashila Raghuram. This name is not heard much in the media. He does not appear much on TV. But he is a very important person in Jagan's coterie. You can claim to be Jagan's confidant. This leader from krishna district has gained fame as a close relative of the YS family since the reign of YSR. Especially in 2018, he successfully coordinated the long padayatra organized by jagan and indirectly played his role in the party's victory. Still, it is said that Talashila plays a key role in the management of Jagan's programs. jagan has given him the post of MLC in 2021.


Another key person in Jagan's army is Samuel. He is a retired IAS officer. M Samuel is known to be the closest friend of Jagan. After retirement, he became a political advisor to Jagan. It is said that Samuel played a key role in the creation of Navratna's promises, which played a key role in bringing jagan to power. That's why when jagan became the cm, Samuel was appointed as YS Chairman for the implementation of the Navaratna program. Samuel played a key role in the implementation of the welfare schemes that jagan believed in.

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