3 Consultants for the critical Information technology (IT) sector..!!

- Srinath - Rajasekhar reddy - vidyasagar for IT.

- success in increasing IT education in universities.

- Top concentration in Visakhapatnam and Tirupati.

Some of the consultants appointed by the ap government have appointed more consultants for some departments. There is an argument that the government has made such appointments based on the importance of the respective departments. Appointed three consultants for the critical Information technology (IT) sector. Among them, Srinath Devi Reddy was appointed as the IT (Technical) department advisor. He was also given cabinet rank.

Further, vidyasagar reddy has also been appointed as IT (Technical) Advisor in the same department. Also, K. Rajasekhara reddy has been appointed as an advisor to the IT (Policy) department. All of them decided to revive the IT sector in the state and increase investments in IT. Similarly, it has been decided to work as an affiliate of the IT Ministry. However, what they have done in the past five years remains in doubt. However, the government's expectations are different.

It is said that IT is not just an investment, but it also leads to radical changes in the education sector. If you look at it like this, it is the argument of the government that they have been successful in developing many mobile applications and in increasing the importance of IT education in schools. There was a lot of talk that they got good marks in this subject. However, none of them came forward to the media and said what they did. In total, these three IT consultants earn 3 lakh rupees. They also used government facilities. It is noteworthy that they mostly reside in Visakhapatnam and Tirupati.

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