Jagan Sarkar's rare record..!! So many Foreign Advisors..!!

- Six people as foreign advisors in Jagan's team.

- They immediately provide information to the government here.

- ycp Sarkar's record with so many supporters abroad.

Some of the advisors appointed by the ycp government in ap are directly in ap, while others are in Delhi. Others are abroad. They advise the ap government from there. Among them, there are three key advisors. There will be three more to help them. A total of six advisers are staying abroad and connecting the nri department with the ap government. After jagan had so many advisors, they played an effective role in their duties and succeeded to a large extent in making their mark. Among them is an advisor to connect with Central Asian countries. He is the special representative of Zulfi Middle and east countries. He is an advisor to the YSP government. Whatever happens in those countries, he immediately provides information to the government here. Not only that, they also give advice. It is noteworthy that the government leaders said that his services were well used during the Ukraine-Russia war in the past.

Andfor the Telugu people who are abroad and working counselors is Medapati S. Venkat. He is working as a non-resident telugu affairs consultant. He is coordinating with telugu people in other countries. I don't know how useful his advice and suggestions are for the government but there is a talk that he is helping the party.

Also, Peddamallu Chandrahasareddy is working as a non-resident telugu Affairs Deputy Advisor. Acting as an advisor to the ap government and telugu people abroad. It is noteworthy that AP is the only state that has so many consultants abroad. It must be said that jagan Sarkar has created a rare record in this regard.

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