20 people killed in a big fire at Rajkot's gaming zone...

According to ANI, a large fire that broke out inside a gaming zone in rajkot, Gujarat, on saturday night claimed the lives of twenty persons. Several fire fighters were sent to the location, and the fire is still being put out. It is yet unknown what started the fire. In the afternoon, there was a fire in the TRP gambling area. The search and rescue is underway. The fire has been put out. Our goal is to recover as many bodies as we can. About 20 bodies have been found so far, and they have been taken to the hospital for additional examination. There will be an investigation. yuvraj singh Solanki is the owner of the gaming area. We are going to file a report for the deaths that have happened due to negligence. Raju Bhargava, the commissioner of police in rajkot, said ANI.

BJP mla Darshita Shah said, "A very sad incident has happened in rajkot today," in reference to the fire at the gaming zone. This is the first time in Rajkot's history that a fire in a game area has claimed the lives of youngsters. The government will respond, but saving as many lives as possible is the top priority at the moment.

Bhupendra patel, the chief minister of Gujarat, has directed the administration and the municipal corporation to launch emergency rescue and relief efforts in response to the fire. "The Municipal Corporation and the administration have received instructions for the rapid relief and rescue efforts in response to the fire disaster in Rajkot's game zone. Additionally, it has been told to give priority to making plans for the injured people's emergency care," Bhupendra patel wrote on X.

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