National Blueberry Cheesecake Day - Recipe to make!!!

There are no bad cheesecakes. For good reason, this delectable dessert made with cream cheese, graham crackers, and a fruit puree on top is appreciated and loved everywhere in the world. The taste of the fruit puree on top is counterbalanced by the cream cheese in the center and the crunch of the graham crackers underneath, creating an explosion of flavors. When combined, this dish is simply amazing. It's thought that in the early days of the olympics in Greece, participants were given blueberry cheesecakes. That's how blueberry cheesecake became well-known and quickly became a food that people enjoyed all around the world.

National Blueberry Cheesecake Day is observed annually to honor our affection for dessert. We celebrate the wonderful day on May 26. This recipe for blueberry cheesecake is incredibly simple to make at home, perfect for pulling out our chef hats in anticipation of the big day.


1 cup compote with blueberries and garnish

Four hundred grams of curd

One cup of cream cheese

Eight to ten digestive or bran biscuits

Four teaspoons of melted butter

Two tablespoons of gelatin

Two cups of whipped cream

1/4 cup of condensed milk

½ cup of sugar powder


Set aside a bowl to dissolve the gelatin. Concurrently, secure the curd with muslin cloth and allow it to hang until the water completely evaporates. Heat up some water in a pan and fully dissolve the gelatin. Crush the biscuits into a coarse powder in a basin, then add it and smash it until it's evenly distributed. Top with melted butter. Put it in the fridge for a while. Heat the gelatin mixture and leave it aside. Combine the hanging curd, cream cheese, condensed milk, powdered sugar, compote, and gelatin in a bowl. After adding the mixture to the bowl containing the biscuit layer, chill it for two to three hours. Present cold.

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