Looking at the salaries of certain mid-range heroes, it's a little unexpected. A mid-range hero who earned 10 crores one and a half years ago is now demanding Rs 35 crores. This is the latest news circulating in Tollywood.
Producers were blown away a few weeks ago when he quoted Rs 20 crore. They were surprised to learn that he had been given Rs 25 crore. They sighed when they heard he had been given Rs 30 crore. They are now mute after learning that this hero is demanding Rs 35 crores.

A tamil movie hero in the same price category is now seeking Rs 35 crores to appear in telugu films. After doing one or two pure telugu films, he is now demanding Rs 30 crores for his next feature. Many feel that if someone asks for his dates from now on, he will undoubtedly want Rs 35 crore.
Understandably, they are asking for such big amounts after scoring one or two hits and operating in a fairly successful non-theatrical business. Even without huge blockbusters, a mid-range hero commands Rs 25 crore.

Another hero refuses to accept less than Rs 10 crore, regardless of whether he has a film in hand, and another star demands Rs 13 crore.
This is the present situation of Tollywood.


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