West bengal elections are turning very violent now. In the past, during the polling held in five phases, similar attacks were also carried out with melees. But now everyone is surprised to attack the bjp candidate together. A video is creating a stir on the social media where some of the agitators are chasing away the bjp mp candidate with stones. It seems that this incident took place in Mangalpota area.
As a result, the security forces tried to stop the protest vehicles, but even to protect the candidate, the forces surrounded them and stood there with shields. It seems that this attack happened on bjp candidate Pranathi Tudu. Once the mp candidate ran away as the agitators pelted stones there. It seems that now all of them are admitted to the hospital due to such attacks on his personal security personnel.

However, the agitators are saying that the argument is similar to another and that a woman who was standing in the line while going to vote was harassed by Pranath's security and behaved inappropriately. That is why they also informed that they attacked. Speaking on this incident, amit Malwama, who is the co-in-charge of bjp Bengali, accused the Trinamala Congress.

He also said that soon the people of bengal will oust mamata Mengery. However, according to the information given by the bjp mp, the agitators there did not allow the party agents to enter the polling booths to throw bricks at him. He also said that everyone attacked in a group. Currently, the video is going viral.

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