Telakapalli Ravi's Analysis is a bit one-sided..!?

- Good recognition as a communist.

- Comments favorable to kcr in telangana and jagan in AP..?

- Life Achievement Award given by jagan Sarkar

Telakapalli Ravi. He is known as a prominent political analyst. He has been in the field of journalism for more than three decades. He also served as the editor of Prajasakti Dinapatrika in the Union State. As an essayist writing articles and analyses in many magazines attracted everyone. A separate readership has been acquired. He attracted the readers with his analytical articles written in leading magazines. Telakapalli ravi, who has made a name for himself in the field of journalism with communist sentiments from the beginning, later became a full-fledged political analyst. However, there is some ambiguity in his matter. When it comes to national politics, it must be said that he played a key role in defeating the BJP, which was the staunch enemy of the communists. In-depth analysis, errors in the decisions taken by prime minister Modi have been identified.

At the same time, when it comes to the states, when the telangana elections were held last year, the then cm gave some favorable analysis to KCR. This faced criticism. He has said on several occasions that despite opposition to BRS, he will win because of disunity in Congress. This caused outrage in the political circles. Finally, ravi came to a situation where he claimed to be neutral.

Ravi is currently analyzing the ap elections as well. However, even here his analysis is a bit one-sided. It is known that ravi was selected by the jagan government for the ysr Life Achievement Award in the past. A cash reward of Rs.10 lakh was also announced under this. After he said nothing about this, he refused the award after receiving criticism. But, since then, they have been neutral in the matter of YCP for some time, favorably and for some time.

This result also affects the analysis of the current elections. Mainly NDA coalition defects are strongly opposed. These are being analyzed in depth. They are expressing hope that ycp will ride the winning horse. It is noteworthy that many have commented that Telakapalli Ravi's estimates and analyses are somewhat one-sided. Even if no one opposes the analysis, it is noteworthy that it is heard that his line is a bit problematic.

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