Should Naganna's survey be believed..!?

- kcr hat-trick in Telangana.

- In 2019, the ycp government with a huge majority was a success

- jagan will take power beyond the magic figure.

Naganna's survey said that even for the third time, kcr will come. He will score a hat-trick. Moreover, the mood of the voters is also collected at the field level. Some calculations have also been given in connection with this. However, those calculations are distortedMoreover, the estimates of many survey organizations have also been turned upside down. Congress party formed the government here for the first time. That means Naganna's survey has failed hereFurther, Naganna predicted that jagan would come to power in ap in 2019. There are some reasons for this. Sympathy among the people is working. But at that time, according to Naganna's estimate, the YSP is getting between 120-130 seats. In fact, all the surveys say the same. Except for one or two, ycp won power with 151 seatsIf we look at the current situation, it seems that there are chances of the ycp government coming again to AP.

According to him, no matter how much opposition there is to the government, jagan will take power beyond the magic figure. However, there is an opinion that the image has decreased to some extent in recent times as the accuracy of Naganna's survey is not high. Based on this, should Naganna's survey be believed?  But what about his opinion before the election?  Will the ap result match his expectations? But he has credibility.

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