Once kadapa was YSRCP family's fort. All the voting went to the YS family. It can also be said that the congress was one-sided. But even after the entry of ycp party, ycp is acting unilaterally there. ycp chief jagan never cares much about Kadapa. cm jagan used to focus mostly on other districts except during elections. He visited kadapa only two or three times in 2014 and 2019 elections.

It seems that jagan visited kadapa six times for the recently concluded elections. They campaigned five times in a row, starting with the first bus trip and ended the campaign penultimately in kadapa and ultimately in Pithapuram. The reason for such exciting developments in kadapa is that the congress PCC chief YS sharmila is grabbing the headlines. With strong comments, She attacked cm jagan and his government.

She linked avinash Reddy in Viveka's murder and spread the word. The entire campaign was done closely by sharmila and Sunitha and this time kadapa Parliament seat was taken very prestigiously and sharmila stood there together. As a result, the news is also being heard about the voting pattern there. Although they were silent till yesterday, they are revealing their sentiments as they found a gap. As a result, Rajanna's family is the lifeblood of the people there and they are saying without shame that one vote is for sharmila and one vote for Jagan. Many surveys have been conducted and it is going to be a tough fight.

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