Andhra Pradesh politics tends to focus on warring groups, much to the chagrin of academics and democracy supporters. This view is widely articulated, with nara lokesh proudly displaying a red book during his meetings and pledging detailed plans if his party gains power.
Chandrababu Naidu expressed similar views, warning opposition leaders of reprisal. The tdp members are now echoing the same language, urging patience until june 4th, when they expect to take power. They are sending strong threats, threatening to reveal the fates of former ministers, MLAs, and MLCs.
Former Anakapalli MLC buddha naga Jagadeeswara Rao has warned those still serving under Jagan's administration that there will be serious repercussions after june 4th. He promises to put an end to any turmoil in the state and to provide prosperity only under Chandrababu's leadership. Other tdp members are repeating similar remarks, implying possible retaliation if their party regains power.
Unfortunately, politics in andhra pradesh prioritizes vengeance drama over people's well-being.  Malladi Vishnu, a sitting vijayawada Central MLA, slammed the tdp and bjp for spreading false information about the YSRC government's Aarogyasri services. In a press statement, Malladi questioned the TDP's moral authority to challenge Aarogyasri, which was rendered ineffectual by the previous administration. "The Aarogyasri scheme is being implemented in the State without any interruption," he said.

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