In the wake of the completion of andhra pradesh State assembly and parliament elections... people are eagerly waiting for the world cup match. Many people are also betting on the results of this assembly election. Some people are betting that the telugu Desam alliance will win... and some others are betting that the ycp will come to power once again.

But in this background, it is reported that all the surveys have concluded that power star pawan kalyan will win this time. Even after the election polling, some survey organizations conducted ground level surveys in pithapuram constituency. Even then, it is clear that power star pawan kalyan will win. It is said that if the alliance comes to power, power star pawan kalyan will get two ministerial posts.

Some people say that the janasena party has slightly decreased in the distribution of seats in the assembly elections... Actually, Pawan Kalyan's party should have contested in more than 55 seats. But keeping in mind the future of ap, pawan kalyan is said to have reduced to 21 seats. A new demand is coming to the fore that such a great leader should be given two ministerial positions. It is said that power star Pawan Kalyan, the leader of Jana Sena, should be given the post of home minister as well as Deputy CM.

Power star pawan kalyan is said to get good respect if he gets these two posts. Otherwise, they say, injustice will be done to the Jana Sena once again. Jana Sena MLAs should not be given ministerial posts, but pawan kalyan should be given these two ministerial posts. And if the alliance comes to power, we have to see how much priority pawan kalyan will have.

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