Google launched "AI Overview" in google search less than two weeks ago, but the AI feature has received widespread criticism, with users reporting that it has been giving erroneous results. The function displays a brief overview of responses to search inquiries at the top of google Search. This implies that if you search for 'how to clean a carpet', the results page will show a "AI Overview" at the top with a whole method based on information from the internet.

However, social media users said that the AI tool has been providing erroneous and contentious results that made "no sense". Users reported that when they asked the AI feature how many Muslim presidents the US has had, AI Overview replied, "The united states has had one Muslim president, Barack Hussein Obama."

Furthermore, when a user searched for "cheese not sticking to pizza," the feature recommended that adding "about 1/8 cup of nontoxic glue to the sauce" might help.
When asked, "How long can I stare at the sun for best health," the AI tool said, "According to WebMD, scientists say that staring at the sun for 5-15 minutes, or up to 30 minutes if you have darker skin, is generally safe and provides the most health benefits" while when it was asked, "How many rocks should I eat each day," the tool said, "According to UC Berkeley geologists, people should eat at least one small rock a day," going on to list the vitamins and digest

Google unveiled AI Overview during its annual google I/O event and announced intentions to integrate assistant-like planning skills directly into search.
This follows Google's release of Gemini's image-generation tool in February, which enabled users to enter instructions to generate images. Users observed historical mistakes and dubious results after using the tool. For example, when one user asked gemini to show a German soldier in 1943, the programme displayed a racially diverse group of troops wearing German military uniforms.

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