After the election voting in andhra pradesh is over, they are telling whose calculations they are saying that the power is ours. ycp party thinks we will win more. tdp also thinks we will win more. But there are two key points here. YCP's estimate is that rayalaseema will get them up to 40 seats, Uttar Andhra will provide 15 seats, and finally at least 20 seats in Vizag.

In total, there are 40 seats, 20 seats here, total 60 seats.. They are confident that they will get 10 seats in other Godavari districts.. Up to 10 seats in krishna Guntur districts.. 10 seats are estimated towards nellore prakasam district. They are confident that the total will not fall below 100 seats. ycp is estimating some bigger numbers. In the same case they are confident that uttarandhra will support them.

What Telugudesam people are calculating is that this time rayalaseema will get 30 seats, nellore district will get 5 seats, so it is estimated that it will get 35 seats. According to Vastu Cinelio, approximately 15 seats will come in prakasam guntur krishna districts. 20 to 35 seats and 75 to 80 seats are expected in Godavari districts. After that, 20 to 30 seats are being calculated as a guarantee in Uttarandhra. It is said that there will be 100 to 110 seats in total. And whose calculations are right will be known by next Tuesday.

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