The recently ended lok sabha elections in telangana were unquestionably a litmus test for Pradesh congress Committee president and chief minister A revanth reddy, as they served as a referendum on not just his administration but also his leadership.
The congress high command, satisfied with revanth Reddy's performance in the last assembly elections, has granted him complete control over the selection of candidates for the lok sabha elections.
Despite tough competition from various leaders and pressure from his senior cabinet colleagues, revanth reddy was able to influence the selection of some, if not all, nominees. He has taken a calculated risk by running them in the elections.

Now that the polls have closed, there is some concern in the revanth reddy camp, which is wondering if his risk paid off in the elections.
Some of the candidates nominated by revanth reddy, who ignored the competition in some constituencies, are said to have had a difficult struggle.
For example, in Mahabubnagar, revanth reddy battled for the party ticket for his disciple Ch vamsi Chand reddy, pitting him against veteran bharatiya janata party leader D K Aruna, who has fought hard in the polls.
In 2019, Aruna finished second and lost to BRS candidate Manne srinivas reddy by 70,000 votes. vamsi Chand reddy ranked third. The gap between Aruna and vamsi was more than 1.40 lakh votes.

It demonstrates the popularity of Aruna over Vamsi. Unless the BRS votes are split and heavily skewed in Vamsi's favour, he may struggle to win, according to sources.
Similarly, in the Bhongir parliamentary constituency, revanth reddy managed to get the party ticket for his disciple Chamala kiran kumar reddy, against the Komatireddy brothers' suggestions. The bjp has fielded former mp Bura Narsaiah Goud, who enjoys a strong reputation among the public.

The seat is dominated by OBCs, notably the Goud group, and Narsaiah Goud is said to have received a significant number of votes from them. kiran kumar reddy had to work quite hard to get public recognition.
"It is thought that the Komatireddy brothers did not collaborate well with kiran kumar Reddy. If this is true, he may not be able to win the seat," insiders said.

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