Telangana's IT exports climbed from Rs.57,258 crore in 2014 to Rs.2,41,275 crore by 2023. This summarises the exponential growth of the state's IT industry over the BRS's nine and a half years in power.
In 2014, IT exports were Rs.57,258 crore. Between 2022 and 2023, IT exports increased by Rs.57,706 crore in a single year. In just one year, IT exports surpassed the total IT exports recorded in former andhra pradesh over the previous 30 years. Now, ponder this. IT exports in india increased by 9.36% in 2022-23, while telangana increased by 31.44 percent same year.

All of this was not accomplished in autopilot mode. The BRS administration worked hard to create tailor-made policies that meet the needs of businesses, such as a skilled labour, a welcoming environment, and peace and harmony. The State government's political stability, effective leadership, and progressive industrial policies not only safeguarded the 'Brand Hyderabad' but also enabled the IT industry to thrive on an unprecedented scale, with many hailing the country's youngest state as the new california of the East.

More specifically, the involvement of then-IT minister KT Rama Rao in the State's spectacular IT industry growth was critical. His ability to speak with industrial titans and persuade them to establish or expand their operations in hyderabad made other states envious. There was a period when a few techies, particularly those from other states, openly applauded the previous minister for his dedication and wished they had a minister of his level in their own states. industry leaders, including apple CEO Tim Cook, applauded the state's rise.

In 2016, apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and facebook had the greatest presence outside of their hyderabad headquarters. Four of them had opened up operations here following Telangana's creation. Qualcomm appears to have joined the list as well.
Prior to the establishment of telangana in 2014, total IT employment in india was 32,90,000, with unified andhra pradesh accounting for 3,23,396 jobs, or 9.83 percent. In the previous nine years, new employment in india was 21,10,000, whereas net employment in telangana was 5,82,319. Since 2014, telangana has accounted for 27.6% of net new employment.

Telangana's proportion of PAN india in fiscal 2023 was astonishing 44 percent (1,27,594 out of 2,90,000 employment), compared to the state's 33 percent share in 2022. hyderabad outperformed Bengaluru in terms of IT job creation in 2022. According to NASSCOM, of the 4.50 lakh employment produced in India's IT sector last year, 1.50 lakh were created in hyderabad, outnumbering 1.46 lakh in Bengaluru.

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