The discussion about who will win the guntur Parliament seat is going on. The competition between ycp candidate kilari roshaiah and tdp candidate Pemmasani was juicy. It is known that there has been no development in guntur for a decade. This parliamentary election has become very important for the telugu Desam Party. guntur East, West, Tenali, Pratipadu, Tatikonda Ponnur, mangalagiri constituencies are included in this parliament. 

Muslim votes in guntur East are very influential. Also, in the remaining five constituencies, kamma and Kapu votes will decide the victory. Pratipadu and Tadikonda constituencies are sc reserved seats. In 2014, 79.2% polling was recorded in 2019 election, 79.21% in the latest election. Tadikonda recorded the highest polling while guntur West recorded the lowest. tdp campaigned heavily with the idea that Amaravate will be administered as the capital.

The ycp campaigned for the development of amaravati along with the development of the three capitals and three regions. The ycp leaders are expressing confidence that the welfare schemes offered by the government have reached every village. The people there say that the aggressiveness of the candidates in guntur is more important than the prestige of the parties. That is why the candidates of tdp and ycp are competing head-to-head. Pemmasani assured that the image of guntur will be forgotten during the campaign. Also, ycp kept changing candidates and finally gave ticket as Kilari Roshaiya of Kapu community. Jayadev won the last two elections on behalf of TDP.

TDP is thinking of winning this time too and hitting a hat trick. Political analysts say that the people there are in the direction of dethroning the tdp candidate Pemmasani and not Kiralini. The main reason for this is that the amaravati issue raised by the tdp is the capital of the locality and the ycp is struggling in the name of Pemmasani and welfare schemes. If the local sc and bc votes go to ycp, then it is clear that ycp will definitely win. However, both the ruling party and the opposition party contested with the aim of winning. It will be known on june 4th who will be accepted by many people.

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