Tamil filmmaker atlee rose to national prominence with Shah Rukh Khan's Jawan, a pan-Indian hit. atlee is working on numerous major projects and has yet to reveal his next project. There are rumours that allu arjun has granted his approval for atlee, and development is underway. At the same time, atlee is in negotiations with tamil Superstar Vijay for a project, and he has also committed to Shah Rukh Khan. 

India Herald has exclusively heard that mythri movie makers has paid a large advance to atlee, which is the highest advance ever made for the outstanding filmmaker. Atlee's project with mythri movie makers will begin next year, and the lead actor has yet to be determined. An official announcement will be made soon.

Meanwhile, after earlier hinting to a prospective hollywood movie, atlee recently issued a new update, expressing optimism that his ambition will be realised within the next three years. atlee has maintained his commitment to providing maximum enjoyment to audiences that invest time and money in seeing his films, stating that he has been doing so since his debut picture. "I kept my commitment. I have not changed my responsibilities. In the future, if I create a hollywood picture, I would do the same," he remarked in an interview with ABP News.

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