NTR Jayanti: ntr is the heartbeat of the telugu Nation..!!

As long as telugu soil and the Telugu race exist, he has a great personality that will be remembered for generations. ntr is the heartbeat of the telugu nation. As long as telugu soil and the Telugu race exist, he has a great personality that will be remembered for generations. His lion's roar when the telugu race was in danger of extinction made the whole country go into a frenzy. He is an army, He is an inspiration, His words are the Vedas, His call is praise, He has fought all wars. He traveled all by himself. He walked forward and led everyone along with him. On the occasion of the 101st birth anniversary of such a great man, special programs are being organized on telugu soil.

 Before him, prithviraj Kapoor and Bellari Raghava participated in some social programs during the freedom movement of that time. NTR was the first actor who got involved in the interest of society gave them a place of honor in the society and raised their level. Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao became famous as a secularist and creator of the welfare state by thinking that society is the temple and the people are the gods. Born in a simple farmer's family, he emerged as an incomparable polar star in the film industry, and with his acting skills, he acted in more than 300 films and captured the hearts of people across the country. He emerged as an unrivaled king in his 6-decade-long reign as an actor. Not only as the beautiful Rama but also as Krishna. He played villainous roles like Thivi, Duryodhana, and Ravanasura and gave life to those characters by entering into them. 

 A rare beautiful cultural dream has come true. He enriched the telugu language with alphabetization. Before ntr, some actors entered politics and achieved success. All of them joined some party and later excelled in politics. A man of the people to join another party? By saying that, ntr entered politics by establishing the telugu desam party on his own. ntr has written an indelible history in the world by taking the telugu Desam Party which he founded on march 29, 1982, to victory in just nine months. With the slogan 'Society is the temple... people are the gods', he gave great importance to welfare in politics and became an example in the country. The political reforms during NTR's rule are also unforgettable. Remarkably, many politicians continue to follow them even today. Great leaders like mahatma gandhi and Babasaheb Ambedkar initiated many reforms in indian politics. And people like Sankaracharya and VeeraBrahmendraswamy, who are known as social reformers, reformed the people. ntr followed in their footsteps and became the architect of many social and political reforms. NTR's ambition is to cleanse the rotten political system with castes, religions, and corrupt policies and bring a new political culture. ntr initiated programs like telugu Ganga to quench the thirst of rayalaseema residents, quenching the thirst of chennai residents with the same water, women's university, public meetings, etc. Before the emergence of the telugu desam party, the power was monopolized by some groups. At that time, Rama Rao was seen as a ray of hope for other castes. NTR gave high positions in the party to the weaker sections. All categories are allotted to common people, educated people, and women belonging to the new generation of youth.

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