TDP and ycp are the strongest parties in Andhra Pradesh. After that, it can be said that janasena party has the position.. But as part of the polling, tdp, bjp and janasena parties became one. But the ap cm may have realized that pawan kalyan will surely give them more competition in this alliance. Not even on Lokesh. Because tdp party is strong, actually lokesh should fear the ruling party here.. Jagan, who founded a very strong congress party.. Such a thing is not afraid of tdp party.

But it is not a strong party.. The person who makes wave and temptation like him will have more support.. Pawan can also be said to be a person who can create like Jagan. That's why they mostly focus on Pawan. That's why Pawan is also confident that he will be successful if he steps on Jagan. They think that there is no big problem for the telugu Desam Party. That is Pawan Kalyan's strategy. Pawan Kalyan's fans are going viral by buying stickers saying Madhya pithapuram mla taluka.

Now some posters saying andhra pradesh chief minister pawan kalyan are going viral. This should be possible, so what should happen first? When the telugu desam party gets less seats, janasena seats are demanded, the argument is heard that this can be done. But it is heard that this is not possible. Fans of pawan kalyan are making a fuss that he is going to become an mla in ten days, celebrating his birthday in a hundred days, and saying that OG's movie will be released in 125 days.

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