From the last few days, various rumors are being created about the tv9 Telugu media house. tv9 network is also well spread in other languages. Especially, the tdp leaders are spreading misinformation that the management of sakshi TV is taking over TV9. The main reason for this is that this time, tdp leaders have realized that tv9 is slightly supporting the ycp party and they are spreading this misinformation.

Moreover, Nemani Bhaskar's presence at Rajinikanth's place made it even more viral. tdp is doing viral on social media saying that sakshi editor Nemineni bhaskar has taken over the responsibility of tv9 and henceforth tv9 will work under sakshi group and the mask has been removed for so many days. Besides, tdp is also trolling social media saying that tv9 has degraded themselves by supporting Jagan.

In addition to this, they are also campaigning loudly that NTV and 10TV will merge into sakshi paper. But tv9 management has rejected and lashes out the rumours. They informed that they are creating such rumors because they are in groups. After their investigation, tv9 took to their account and denied these comments. It has been informed that tv9 has already set a good benchmark in the media sector as it has been progressing since recent times. He also said that there is no truth in the campaign about TV9.

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