On Monday, a task force team from Telangana's Food Safety Department inspected an eatery in Kompally. The examination also included two additional establishments inside the Rangareddy area.

Inspection at a restaurant in Kompally
The inspection at Kompally took place at train Theme Restaurant. During the examination, the crew discovered contaminated cashew stock, as well as cauliflower and onions in unsatisfactory condition.
In addition, an obstruction of water in the washbasin was discovered.
Following the inspection, mandatory samples were taken and forwarded to the laboratory.

Expired food found in Prism Restaurant and Bar
Aside from the assessment of the restaurant in Kompally, the crew also examined the premises of other eateries. At Prism Restaurant and Bar in Vattinagulapally, the team discovered expired food. There were rat feces in the storage.
Furthermore, veggies stored in the refrigerator for an extended period were determined to be of poor quality. In the kitchen, stagnant water and a bad odor were discovered.

Food colours were found in the storage of Taaza All Day Breakfast in Medchal. The dalchini at the store was not in good shape. Medical records for food workers were unavailable, and no pest control programme had been launched.
The checks at the restaurant in Kompally and other sections of Rangareddy district come after raids on hotels in Hyderabad.
The task force's course of action against them remains to be known.

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