Sentiments are high in many constituencies in Andhra Pradesh. For the past few years, the sentiment has been heard that whichever party wins in singanamala constituency in Rayalaseema, that party will come to power, and whichever party wins in penugonda constituency, that party will lose. And whether the convention that has been going on for decades will continue in this election is not an end for the politicians. And let's see how it is in singanamala Constituency.

There is a sentiment that whichever party wins in singanamala constituency instead of sc reservation, that party will come to power. This is the tradition. And the debate is going on whether this sentiment will be repeated this time. In the last election, tdp candidate Bandaru Shravani won ycp candidate Jonnalagadda Padmavathi with a majority of 46,242 votes. With this, ycp won 151 seats in the past. Earlier in 2014 elections Yamini bala from tdp contested as ycp candidate Jonnalagadda Padmavathi then Yamini bala of tdp won with 4,584 votes. Then the tdp party came to power.

In 2009, Sailajanath contested as a congress candidate.. Samanthakmani contested as a tdp candidate.. Sailajanath won with a margin of 3,176 votes. After that, the congress party continued to prevail in the state as well. In 2004, the congress and the tdp contested as Horafori.. Even then Sailajnath won by a margin of 8,686 votes. In 1999, Kothapally jayaram contested as tdp candidate and Sairam contested from congress and jayaram won and served as a minister in the cabinet.

In 1989, P Samanthakmani contested from the congress and won, then the congress party came to power in the state. And if it comes in 2024, ycp candidate Veeranjaneyu. tdp candidate Bandaru Shravani will compete.. The main competition is going on between tdp YCs. In the end whoever they tried for won. There are 2,47,373 voters in singanamala Constituency, 1,22,927 are male, 1,24,217 are female. More than 84% polling.. In Shinganamala constituency there are Garladinne, Bukkarayasamudram, Narpala, Putlur and Ellanur mandals.. Talk is heard that ycp has more advantage in Putlur Ellanur mandals. There is a talk that the ycp party has majority in Narpala Mandal. tdp leaders are saying that we will have Aditya in singanamala Narpala and Garladinne mandals.

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