Deepika Padukone is one of the most successful actresses at the box office in the post-COVID world. She has been on some of the most popular songs in recent years. deepika enthralled viewers alongside Shah Rukh Khan in the all-time hit Pathaan, a film that grossed 1050 crores globally. Her bikini act was one of the most talked about things in recent years.
Following Pathaan, deepika featured in another Shah Rukh Khan blockbuster, Jawan. Although her role was a cameo, she offered a powerful emotional basis for the picture, which garnered a huge 1160 crores at the global box office. This year, she featured in fighter with Hrithik Roshan. While it wasn't a huge hit, film did well, grossing over 400 crores globally. Collectively, Deepika’s previous three films have made an amazing 2600 crores internationally, marking a phenomenal milestone for any indian actress. Looking ahead, Deepika’s next movie, kalki 2898 AD, is likely to be the biggest film of her career.

The film, starring Prabhas, has a budget of over Rs 700 crores and includes huge investments in sets and VFX. According to industry reports, kalki 2898 AD might be the next indian film to reach the 1,000-crore mark. On a personal side, deepika is now expecting a baby, adding another layer of excitement to her life. She has every cause to be happy, given her career and personal accomplishments.

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