The ycp party has also made many changes to win the seats it won in the last election. They are saying that it is guaranteed that they will make a clean sweep in many seats this time than in the previous elections. Notably andhra pradesh has 29 sc constituencies along with 7 st constituencies. It lost only 2 seats in the last election. But this time it seems that they have not been left behind and have gone ahead with a well-planned plan.

In the last election, the tdp party won from Kondampi from the sc reserve constituency, while the janasena party won from Rajolu. It won ycp party seats in remaining 27 seats. It also bagged seven st seats. But this time also they are confident that seven positions are theirs. The reason for that is that they have a strong leadership and the decisions taken by the opposition parties have given us this belief.

Reserve Constituency This time, ycp chief jagan has also changed the candidates of all the constituencies. The MLAs who won the last election expressed their displeasure with the local ycp leaders. That is why it was changed only in some constituencies. But reports say that Jagan's plan seems to have worked out. tdp candidates allotted tickets mostly to senior citizens. ycp leaders are predicting that the candidates will come together with the change, especially the quarrels between the party leaders. The ycp leaders are confident that they will win all the seats this time like in the past and they have also informed that the welfare schemes will also come together with them. If everything comes together like this, you can definitely tell if the fan is spinning.

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