A few hours after Balayya's booze video leaked, another video became popular on social media. Everyone knows that balayya, who drinks a lot, has a propensity to act rashly and manhandling those around him. During the pre-release ceremony for the film Gangs of Godavari, balayya, who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol, placed his hand on the heroine and forced her directly onto the stage.
 A video of balayya putting booze into a water bottle near his legs while sitting off stage has already gone viral. After emptying the bottle, balayya walked on stage, where neha shetty and anjali were standing. balayya instantly placed his hand on anjali and pushed her back. anjali, caught aback, attempted not to fall and quickly laughed it off to avoid making it a major issue.
Nandamuri followers, who had earlier backed balayya over the spirits bottle, minimized the event as well. They said the bottle contained apple juice and disregarded the event with anjali in the same manner. Fans perceived Balayya's acts as an expression of devotion for Anjali. It's worth mentioning that balayya and anjali had worked together on a film, which might explain the familiarity and gesture at the occasion.

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