Samantha Ruth Prabhu has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry through both content-driven and commercial films. She is listed number 13 on IMDb's list of the Top 100 Most Viewed indian Stars of the Last Decade. With this, samantha is the only female actress from the South to appear in the top 15. 
She has captivated the hearts of viewers with her telugu cinema performances, her jaw-dropping portrayal as Raji in Family Man, and much more. Her performance in the special song for Allu Arjun's pushpa gained her widespread praise, making her and the song one of the decade's most memorable moments.
Talking about being featured on this coveted list and being the only female actor from the South, samantha says, “This is the total of the efforts of all the directors, writers, and producers who have contributed to this and the incredible love and faith that the audience has shown me. Truly humbled and overwhelmed. Thank you, IMDB for this honor.”
Speaking about samantha and her reputation as one of the most popular performers of the last decade, a trade insider adds, "Being an artist first and foremost, she's always been someone who's dedicated to the profession. With Family Man 3 and Citadel on the horizon for her as an actor, she has also taken on the role of producer with her company Tralala Moving Pictures, and her edgy and gritty multilingual thriller Bangaram is set to hit the screens shortly. 
She is also in the process of examining a large number of screenplays to evaluate her next projects. It's an exciting time for samantha, as it has been for the past decade, whether she's an actor, philanthropist, or business."


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