Fans were anxious to witness their favorite on-screen duo, pushpa Raj and Srivalli (Allu arjun and rashmika Mandanna), dance to the latest song from pushpa 2. Yesterday, the producers of pushpa 2: The Rule unveiled a new lyrical song video, Sooseki, choreographed by Bollywood's legendary Ganesh Acharya.
While the song is decent, the lyrical video falls short. Furthermore, Bollywood's Ganesh Acharya's choreography appeared somewhat plain. With two excellent dancers like allu arjun and rashmika, the bad choreography was surprising. However, true judgment may only be made after viewing the entire song. Soon after the song was released, trolls began ridiculing allu arjun and rashmika Mandanna's dancing moves. Allu Arjun's journey to pan-India popularity without the support of SS rajamouli is an exceptional feat. This popularity has caused some uneasiness among admirers of other celebrities.

To make matters worse, Allu Arjun's last-minute backing for a ycp candidate in the ap assembly elections enraged pawan kalyan and janasena followers. Following the release of the Sooseki song, Mega fans began making changes to parody it. However, because the song video is primarily behind-the-scenes footage, the trolls have not had a detrimental influence on the film's popularity. Nonetheless, if the team pushpa 2 makes a mistake, Pawan Kalyan's followers are ready to trash it brutally.

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