If tdp loses, Turbulence among yellow Leaders..!?

- There will be complications for the businesses of the yellow leaders
- Is it difficult for the party to survive with financial difficulties?
- B.C., the danger of minorities being alienated forever..?

If tdp loses this election, there is a possibility that key leaders will almost stop their businesses. Already for the last two years, the tdp leaders who are in the quarry, mines, and liquor business are in losses. They were also attacked. There has also been a situation of resorting to the legal system. It is noteworthy that the situation of addanki and Paruchuru MLAs is on this list.
If tdp loses this time, the problem of funds for the party including its leaders will be clearly visible. The results of the last five years clearly show how effective it is. In fact, once upon a time, corporations funded the party. But, in the last five years, tdp got 87 crore rupees, and ycp got Rs. 347 crores have been donated. Now tdp will lose more in the next five years.

If the tdp does not come to power, certainly, the disputes between the brothers in the party will also increase. There is a possibility that the leaders will fight more for supremacy. At the same time, the lack of spirit in the party is definitely visible. To survive the party for another five years, it is not surprising if there is a situation where the leadership of the party will survive.

If tdp loses, the vote bank of BCs will be far away. Similarly, there are signs that the party will not have the support of the BCs. There will also be a situation of alienating BCs who were loyal to the party till yesterday.

If the tdp does not come to power this time, it may not be possible to maintain the minority vote bank. Because of being stuck with bjp once already. In 2014 and 2019, Muslims stayed away from that party. There are expectations that the minority vote bank will have an impact on the bjp in the current election as well. However, if they come to power, there is a chance to tame them on the date of upcoming elections.

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