Malayalam industry popular film Manjummel Boys is being embroiled in one problem after another. Just recently, it was the instance of Ilaiyaraja who filed a copyright claim against the film for copying his “Kanmani” song without consent. According to reports, major financial irregularities were discovered during the creation of Manjummel Boys. Siraj Valiyaveettil said that the producers defrauded him with bogus promises of returns.

Siraj had already moved the court, claiming that Parava Films' producers Soubin Shahir, Babu Shahir, and Shawn Antony forced him to invest Rs 7 crore in the film. The producers promised him a 40% cut of the revenues, but this was not realised. Upon the filing of the court complaint, the ernakulam Maradu police initiated an inquiry and they have identified severe problems with the same.

The authorities have concluded that the producers are involved in serious financial fraud as they participate in conspiracy, breakage of trust, and deceit. Despite Siraj being promised a 40 percent stake in the earnings, he received no money, equating to a claimed loss of roughly Rs 47 crores. Siraj spent Rs 7 crore in the film, whereas the producers planned for a budget of Rs 22 crore.

However, the film was created for merely Rs 18.65 crore. It is being proved that the manufacturers duped and deceived Siraj, the investor. The police are diligently following the case and further facts are expected to pop out shortly. It's surprising to see an industry smash picture embroiled in so many problems following its premiere.

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