The YSP government completely ignored the capital city..!?

- jagan said that if he wins this time, he will rule from Visakhapatnam.
- The importance of amaravati in india is zero..!
-The YSP government completely ignored the capital city.

The aspiration of the people of AP. Everyone knows what kind of situation amaravati has faced in the last five years, which is supposed to be the capital of the country with new cities. After accepting amaravati as the capital, after coming to power. Stating that corruption is happening here, the YSP government completely ignored the capital city. A total of five years have passed. Moreover, for this capital, many farmers have been campaigning for three years. Many cases have been encountered. At least in the next five years, the farmers here want justice to be done for them. Also, the majority of people in the society want a compass for AP, which is a state without a capital city. Also, the term limit of Hyderabad, which has been the joint capital till now, will expire on the 2nd of next month. As a result, people wanted to build a capital and make amaravati the capital of all. It is known that it will be possible only if tdp comes to power.
Chandrababu and tdp leaders have also toured the field and propagated the same thing. Even those who came from abroad said the same thing. That is, the people clearly know that the construction of the capital will be realized only if tdp comes to power. However, for tdp to come to power, there should be awareness of this matter throughout the state.

If tdp does not come to power, the first blow will definitely be on Amaravati. ycp has already said that if they come to power again, they will start ruling from Visakha. Not only that, the Chief Minister's swearing-in ceremony will also be held there, he said. If ycp comes because of this, there will be no Amaravati. The demand of the farmers here, no one will hear. So, If the tdp does not come to power as a whole, there is no doubt that the telugu people will not have an amaravati with new cities.

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