Jawahar Reddy's Ceaseless Duties in-between fights..!?

- Public recognition with a key role in the 2024 elections
- No matter how much you target, everything is still cool..!
- Adherence to the rules of elections and recognition among the people..!

Principal Secretary to Govt means an officer like cm after CM. Politically, if the cm has respect and responsibility how to lead the actual government forward, how to implement the decisions taken by the government? Major responsibilities of how to train the officers about the government and the people rests with the Prime Minister. The officers of all the departments in the state are all in his hands. At the same time, he acts as the eyes and ears of the CM. The Chief Secretary of the ap government, who is at such a high level, has suddenly been caught in controversies. These are the controversies he made personally but not the controversies he bought. An influential situation in the state, purely political, affected him.
According to the suggestions of some voluntary organizations, the election commission has put aside the volunteer system that served the state till then. However, at the same time, the issue of the distribution of social security pensions came to the fore. It caused a political uproar. jawahar reddy, who is the principal secretary of the government, was under intense pressure to send the employees door to door and distribute the pensions. However, he worked according to the instructions and regulations of the election Commission.

In this sequence, a media company also targeted him heavily. The media repeatedly broadcast that jawahar reddy is doing this to win ycp to benefit Jagan. Even so, jawahar reddy did not get agitated anywhere. He worked according to ec regulations. He indirectly concluded that door-to-door delivery is not possible in the current situation. Programs like cash deposits in banks and handovers in secretariats were done. Even though the opposition criticized him, even though he was painted as YSP, he did not get angry anywhere.

At the same time, some political leaders complained to the Central election commission that many policemen and collectors should be transferred. The election commission considered this and changed them. During this time, they asked to send a panel of three each. jawahar reddy did the same as CS. However, even on this, he was targeted. Officials who are favorable to ycp have been selected and sent. There has been criticism on a large scale saying that unless jawahar reddy is changed first. Articles also appeared in newspapers. However, even jawahar reddy has done his job.

Especially in Palnadu, Ananthapuram, and tirupati areas, the violent incidents that broke out on the polling day of the elections created an uproar in the state. Taking these seriously, the Central election commission ordered them to come and give an explanation. In fact, everyone thought that the removal of the Chief Secretary of the government was certain. However, the election commission found that he remained neutral during the election and gave equal opportunities to all, and was satisfied with his explanation. As a result, the attack by a section of the media has come to light.

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