Balayya Controversy..! The GOG team gives clarity..!?

The Latest movie “Gangs of Godavari” is all set to release. The pre-release event of the film was recently held in a grand manner, with Nandamuri balakrishna as the chief guest. During this ceremony, the video of balakrishna having a bottle of medicine near his feet led to a big discussion. Also, the incidents of balakrishna pushing the heroine anjali on the stage went viral on social media. These two things are also targeted politically. Since these videos are being propagated unchecked by some media channels, it has led to a big debate. However, Vishvak Sen and producer Nagavanshi themselves had to give clarity to these controversies. He denied that there was no truth in such news. They said that the medicine bottle near his legs was only edited in CG and they themselves know that it is there directly. In particular, producer Nagavanshi responded and said that there were no bottles there. Also, they explained that how balakrishna pushed anjali aside was not properly understood and the misunderstanding was caused by showing only a few seconds in the video.

 If someone is friendly, then there is closeness. balayya was a good friend of anjali before. She could not be heard telling her to step aside in that sound. It's so funny that balayya pushed anjali aside like that. After that again they both gave hi-fi. They informed me that it was not highlighted.  With these controversies coming to light, the focus on the movie "Gangs of Godavari" has been highlighted again. The film is directed by chaitanya -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>krishna chaitanya and stars neha shetty and anjali in lead roles. Yuvan shankar Raja's music is an added attraction to the film. Vishwak Sen also gave clarity about the sensor. It is said that there are objectionable words in only three places and that too would not be a problem in the domestic copy. Vishvak Sen said that even if the target was only youth, after seeing the final copy, children and adults will enjoy it. And let's see what kind of sensation this movie will create at the box office on the first day.

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