A teacher from kolkata who was employed at a private law college connected to the university of calcutta resigned after claiming that she was asked by the institution's administrators to stop wearing a "hijab" to work. The instructor, known only as Sanjida Qadar, said that the purported directive from the college administration "offended" her "values and religious sentiments."

According to reports, the incident happened on May 31. After that, Qadar allegedly quit and ceased going to the LJD Law College's sessions on june 5. Notably, the problem seemed to have gotten worse during the last week, even though she had been wearing the headscarf to work since march or april of this year.

But once the controversy surrounding the matter became widely known, the college administration clarified the situation, calling it a "miscommunication" and stressing that they never forbade her from covering her head while at work, according to PTI. After that, she received an email from the institute asking her to start lessons again on june 11. The email allegedly added that she was free to cover her head in class with a dupatta or scarf in accordance with the faculty dress code, which is reviewed and evaluated on a regular basis.

"There was no order or restriction, and the college administration honours each stakeholder's religious beliefs. Her courses are back in session on Tuesday. Nothing is unclear. We talked to her for quite some time. The early events were the consequence of certain misunderstandings, Gopal Das, the head of the college governing board, told PTI.
Qadar stated that she had no intention of returning to her position at the college.
"On Monday, I got an email from the workplace. After analysing my options, I'll make a decision. However, she said, "I'm not going to college on Tuesday."

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