Shocking..!! Famous actor arrested in murder case..!?

kannada actor Darshan Thoogudeepa has been arrested in a murder case yesterday. What is the background of this? Full details can be found here. Famous kannada actor Darshan Thookudeepa has been arrested yesterday in the case of killing a 33-year-old woman. Many shocking facts related to this murder case have come to light during the investigation. What is the background of this? Who is this Darshan Tugudeepa? Why is he said to have killed his fan? Let's see everything here.

Who is this Darshan Thugdeepa?

Like leading tamil heroes Vijay and Ajith, Darshan Thookudeepa is a leading actor in the kannada film industry. Son of legendary actor Dhoogdeepa Srinivas, he entered the film industry in the 90s. Many of his films have become big hits at the box office. This is why he has a huge fan base. He was 47 years old and got married to vijayalakshmi in 2003. The couple also has a son named Vineesh. Darshan and former kannada actress Pavitra Gowda are said to be dating for the past 10 years. There is no official information about this, however, their relationship is said to be known to everyone in the kannada film world. Now a case of murder has been filed against both Darshan and Pavitra. A 33-year-old woman from Bengaluru, Renuka Samy, is said to have been killed by Darshan's men. The body of Renuka Samy, who worked at a famous drug store, was found near Sumanhali Bridge in Bangalore on june 9. There are reports that he started a fake account on instagram and sent inappropriate text messages to Pavitra, who is said to be Darshan's girlfriend. Because of this, a case has been filed against Darshan that he killed Renuka Samy by his fans. Thirteen people including Darshan-Pavitra have been arrested in this case.
The police are actively investigating those arrested in the murder case. First, two persons surrendered at the Kamakshi Palaya police station, saying that they had killed Renuka Samy over a money issue. Further investigation revealed the involvement of Darshan-Pavitra and 11 others, including two who surrendered. Apart from that, on the night of june 8 (the day Renuka Samy was killed), the killers kept telling Darshan what was happening through WhatsApp. This whatsapp conversation has also now been traced by the police.According to the information released about this murder case, it is said that Darshan beat Renuka Samy with a belt before she was killed and left when the killers arrived. There are also reports that Darshan has offered 30 lakh rupees to kill her. It is also said that Darshan settled by paying Rs 5 lakh each to those who surrendered to the police. Actor Darshan has been arrested at his farmhouse in Mysore. The police have taken this and brought him to Bengaluru for questioning. Similarly, Pavitra Gowda, who is said to be in a romantic relationship with him, is currently in police custody. Darshan's wife vijayalakshmi filed a case of attempted murder against him in 2011. Similarly, it is noteworthy that Darshan has been embroiled in many controversies.

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