Rains exacerbate the already unpleasant traffic conditions in Hyderabad's IT corridor, where commuters are caught in congestion and face delays of up to two hours, sometimes more. There are long lines of cars in several locations, including the Durgam Cheruvu cable bridge, the IKEA intersection, and the nearby roads. Hitec City, Madhapur, Jubilee Hills, Raidurgam, and Tolichowki are also affected by the congestion, which has reduced these places to almost a stop.

The indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has expected heavy rains, hence the Cyberabad police have asked IT businesses to follow staggered work times to lessen traffic in these regions. Despite this, many workers still find the daily commute to be a major obstacle.
The constant traffic is getting to IT staff members more and more annoyed. Some people find themselves leaving the house two hours earlier than normal, but they still arrive late, like sakshi Pandya of Amazon. "We make an effort to adhere to the schedule and instructions, but traffic—particularly during the wet season—makes it difficult to be on time," the woman stated.

Long wait times are available for ride-hailing services and public transportation. Microsoft's Aakash Tiwari expressed his frustration, pointing out that booking a taxi might take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, and that frequent cancellations make matters worse.
Many of us use public transportation, and it is quite difficult to even find a taxi during this wet season. The trip takes at least 30 minutes. We're basically stuck here," he says.
Employees sometimes have to travel two to four hours after clocking off, making evening journeys especially taxing. 

"Starting our workday while backed up in traffic is not the ideal situation. It uses up the majority of our energy during hyderabad traffic rush hour, according to Amazon's Hrithik Ejanthkar.

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