The Bhairava Anthem's audio version was ultimately released by kalki 2898 AD's makers, who kept fans waiting all day on sunday and promised to deliver the video on Monday. Is the song that has been dubbed India's Biggest Song really as good as it sounds?

With its catchy beats and telugu lyrics by Ramajogaiah Sastry that fit prabhas and Diljit Dosanjh's unique voices, Santosh Narayanan's music is a pleasure to listen to. However, in spite of these positive aspects, the song doesn't appear to have the revolutionary effect that it may have. A telugu superstar's song with a punjabi flavour feels a little out of place and doesn't connect well with telugu listeners.

In a similar vein, the hindi audience might not find it as innovative as expected as they are used to hearing punjabi music on a weekly basis. In this regard, sandeep Reddy Vanga deserves praise for utilising the punjabi song Arjan Vaily to its fullest effect in Animal. There's nothing very amazing about this song by Kalki.

All in all, the Bhairava Anthem runs the risk of being classified as "neither here nor there." But there's optimism for a change of heart after the release of the Prabhas-starring song video today. The song's attractiveness may be enhanced by seeing him move to it; it could even have a bigger impact than simply the music.

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