The official release date of pushpa 2: The Rule, which allu arjun is presently working on, has been rescheduled. The revised release date is set for december 6th of this year. He teamed up with atlee on a movie, and talks for the project also took place, but as we all know, the hefty compensation caused it to be shelved. So, the current query is: Will allu arjun and trivikram get back together?

In addition, allu arjun lined up trivikram for a movie before approving Atlee's. However, it seems that he expressed interest in collaborating on Atlee's film following guntur Kaaram. He so continued to think about the Trivkram movie. Now that Atlee's movie has been shelved, he could consider pursuing Trivikram. In contrast, trivikram did not receive the anticipated outcome with guntur Kaaram. Thanks to the Sankranthi season, the movie became an average grosser at the box office after failing to connect with all segments of the public.

After guntur Kaaram, trivikram signed no more contracts and is currently free. So, yes, both might work together, but it might take some time. pushpa 2: The Rule filming is still ongoing, therefore we're not sure if the movie will be released on schedule. So let's observe and wait.

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