Shah Rukh Khan has returned to the badshah throne following three consecutive successful years in 2023. He began the year with Pathaan, and he followed it up with Dunki and Jawan. Although the film directed by Rajkumari Hirani performed well at the box office, the anticipations were much higher! Are they getting back together with samantha Prabhu to make amends? See the real story by scrolling down!
 Rumors surfaced on Saturday, suggesting that Shah Rukh Khan and rajkumar hirani are collaborating once more, this time on an action-adventure-patriotic movie. Fans were thrilled by the news because SRK has been doing quite well at the box office. One could only imagine the box office mayhem they would cause throughout the Southern and Northern belts if they teamed up with Oo Antava star Samantha. 

However, we have heard that the stories are really unfounded rumours. With Dunki, rajkumar hirani was hoping for a huge box office hit. Although the movie was well-received and performed well, it fell short of the high expectations. During its existence, it brought in a total of 232 crores and was awarded a "plus" judgement. According to reports, rajkumar hirani is still not over Dunki and would need some time to choose his next project. While every filmmaker would want to work on a movie starring Shah Rukh Khan, he is now determining what the ideal subject to focus on in his next project is. Thus yet, nothing has been decided upon.

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