Properties held by NRIs in upscale areas in hyderabad are the focus of a recent scam. social media posts claim that a few years ago, an nri who owns a home in a posh gated community in Hyderabad's western area rented it out. When he requested the renter to vacate two years ago in order to return to India, the tenant declined.

Instead, the renter claimed that his daughter's schooling would be impacted and moved to court to get a stay order. It will be challenging for the nri to evict this renter because of his ties to the local police and the previous government party. The nri is currently paying over a lakh in rent per month for a rented home in the same neighbourhood, while the renter of his own villa still resides there. Remarkably, two more residents in the same complex have resorted to identical strategies to stave off eviction.

It is imperative that NRIs who are considering renting out their home use extreme caution while selecting renters. Refrain from renting to local influential persons or those in real estate or related enterprises. Renting to experts and high-earning employees is safer instead since they are less likely to adopt shady tactics like the ones previously discussed.

It's also a good idea to consult with an attorney prior to renting out your home. Obtaining legal counsel can assist you in safeguarding yourself from frauds such as those in which renters cling to your property and employ legal means to avoid eviction. In this manner, you can ensure that you're taking the appropriate actions to maintain the security of your property and avert issues later on.

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