Why is the iphone getting more and more expensive?

According to a recently released Trade Vision research, Apple's iphone exports from india reached US$12.1 billion in 2023–24, up from US$6.2 billion in the 2022–2023 fiscal year. To put it plainly, India's exports of iPhones have doubled. The question now is: Why is the iphone so expensive in india even with this manufacturing? Tell us what the main causes of this are.

It is unquestionably true that the iphone is created in india, but it is also true that only the base model is produced there because other goods are shipped into india from other nations. In technical terms, components for the iphone, such as the CPU and camera sensor, are imported from other nations and built in India. To put it simply, these materials are brought in from other countries to make the iPhone.

Assemble Cost is the first point. You must be fully aware that iPhones are built in india rather than being made there. Even though phones are currently produced in india, the cost of assembly is seven or eight times greater than it is elsewhere.

The second justification is import taxes. The fact that many of the iPhone's components require import duties contributes to the device's high cost in India. There is a 20% import duty on the PCB, 15% on the camera module, 15% on the earphones, 15% on the mic receiver, and 10% on the display touch panel if you construct an iphone in India.

The cost of distribution is the third main factor; in india, iphone distribution is 8–10% more expensive than in places like dubai and the United States. Even after flying from india and returning, you would still save money because rates in places like dubai are so much lower.

The rupee and the dollar differ significantly from one another aside from this. The value of the rupee in relation to the US dollar fluctuates from time to time. This is also a major factor in this regard.

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