Can I start this business and make lakhs of rupees?

Is it possible to make lakhs selling donkey milk? These days, everyone has this question on their minds. Dhiren Solanki, a citizen of Gujarat's Patan district, is the cause of this. According to reports, he actually makes between Rs 2 and Rs 3 lakh a month by selling donkey milk online. news websites have carried numerous articles about him. It states that Dhiren Solanki is selling 5,000 liters of the milk from 45 female donkeys he has raised.

Like you, we were taken aback by what we read. Following this, we began researching the supply, demand, and market for donkey milk. It was a shocking outcome as well. Donkey milk does, in fact, have its own market and economy. which still has a game worth crores to be played.

What is the usage of donkey milk?

Donkey milk contains lactose, protein, minerals, and amino acids. Since ancient times, donkey milk has been used to make cosmetics. It is reported that Cleopatra, the ancient queen of Egypt, bathed only with donkey milk to protect her skin. There's also a similar mythology concerning the sister of napoleon Bonaparte. Studies show that the protein in donkey milk draws water to the skin, keeping it looking radiant. Because it provides the skin with extra moisture, it is thought to be quite helpful.

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