Antarctica is a zone of peace!!!

India is also exploring the possibility and development of tourism in Antarctica. Internal work is also being done regarding this. India is playing an important role in shaping the future of Antarctica.

The contracting and consulting parties are responsible for compliance with the Antarctic Treaty, environmental management, promoting scientific research, and maintaining antarctica as a zone of peace, free from military activity and territorial claims. ATCM is administered from the Argentine headquarters of the Antarctic Treaty Secretariat. The head of the indian team, Dr. M. Ravichandran, Secretary, the Ministry of Earth Sciences, says that antarctica is a symbol of the wilderness and one of the remaining unexplored areas of science.

It is our joint duty as stewards of this unique region to make sure that all operations, including tourism and research, are carried out in this way. So that its ecological integrity is protected for future generations. India is also honored to lead this important initiative of the 46th ATCM bringing out a series of actionable recommendations for inclusion in the broader framework of the Antarctic Treaty System. india, being an actively committed member of the Antarctic Treaty System, feels an urgent need to address the growing tourism activities in antarctica and their impact on the environment of the continent.

The number of visitors to antarctica has increased significantly over the past few years, with tourism becoming a major issue, making it important that comprehensive regulations are put in place to ensure sustainable and responsible research in this unique and pristine region. india has advocated a comprehensive, proactive and effective tourism policy based on the precautionary principle. Discussions on starting tourism have been going on in ATCM since 1966, but these remained limited to agenda sessions, papers or resolutions. For the first time, a dedicated working group on introducing tourism in antarctica has been formed in the 46th ATCM hosted by India.

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