Bangalore/Hubli/Thane/Palakkad, Jan 15, 2019.
A first of its kind, fully practical, hands-on farming training course offered in India,  to promote organic, spiritual and vriksha ayurveda systems of farming with focus on integrated sustainable farming and high value crops multi cultivation systems, without charging any fee from trainees. 

The course will be conducted at the Farms in Kaggalipura (Bangalore South), 15 KM from NICE Road Kanakapura exist,  Anchetageri/Parsapur (Hubli) and Madoshi, 100 KM from Mumbai (Bhiwandi Taluk, Thane District) from last week of January/first week of January 2019 and will be conducted throughout the year in batches as per demand.

Group courses can also be conducted on demand at other locations anywhere in India, for farmers groups, student groups, schools, colleges, universities and other organisations if there are minimum number of participants ready to attend the courses and minimum farm area of around 2 acres available. 
The aim for conducting the course is to assist farmers to change into organic, spiritual, vriksha ayurveda and other low input cost farming systems and to diversify into high value crops to reduce farm sector distress and financial problems of farmers. This will also help in making farmers self reliant and competitive. Through deferred sale of long storage, non perishable high value crops farmers can have some level of control on prices. The VASOF is simultaneously intended to make our food and herbs free from toxic chemicals-fertilizers and pesticides-and help all to lead a healthy life and maintain the health of Mother Earth. 

The course also aims to give training to all people interested, mainly students, youth and farming dreamers from other professions who want to switch to farming or engage in farming as a second profession. This will increase the number of farmers producing food and herbs without using chemicals. It will also lead to freeing all beings and the earth from the toxic food and herbs chain pushed on humanity as part of the earlier development paradigm which is now being recognized as one of the biggest errors of humanity.  
The course will be fully practical, by hands-on work in the farm by the trainees along with our expert team of farmers, farming consultants, and workers. VASOF Course will be based on Integrated Green Farming Systems (IGFS), Sustainable Farm Development and Management Systems (SFDMS) including High Value Crops-Multi Cultivation Organic Systems (HVC-MCOS) developed by the organizations collaborating to conduct the course  and their member farmers all over India.

The course will also include basics of cultivation practices in diverse farm types, diverse climatic conditions, companion crops in existing farms/plantations, shade crops, home and backyard farming, urban farming in roof tops, street sides, gardens, campuses, and basics of vertical farming, green house, poly house, hydroponic farming etc.

It will also include basics of “Slow Food” and diverse local organic cuisine and traditional health care systems and how we can grow our own food and herbs and lead a healthy life with lowest cost and without polluting and destroying Mother Earth.

The course also includes training in farming support/farm based activities and enterprises such as apiary (bee keeping), dairy (cow, buffalo, goat/sheep etc.), piggery, poultry, quail farm, rabbit farm, fishery, mushrooms, farm tourism, farm products value addition enterprises, traditional and  online marketing of farm products, organic and bio inputs production and marketing etc.

Any one (male, female, transgender) above 16 years and healthy to do hands-on work in the farm can join the course. No specific educational qualification required. Trainees should have at least minimum ability in English communication.

Course Types,  Course Duration and Minimum and Maximum Number of Trainees in a Course Session: 
1. Short Term-15 days-Full Time Course (ST-FTC): Minimum: 10 Maximum: 25
2. Short Term-15 days-Holiday Course (STC-HDC): Minimum: 10 Maximum: 25
3. One Month-30 days-Full Time Course (OM-FTC): Minimum: 10 Maximum: 25
4. Three Month-90 days-Long Term Course (TM-FTC): Minimum: 10 Maximum: 25
5. Long Term Internships-6 Months to 1 Year (LT-ISP): No minimum & Maximum.
6. Basic Course (BC): 2 to 5 days or 2 to 10 days: For Farmer Groups, Student Groups, Schools, Colleges, NGOs and any other organizations. Minimum: 25 Maximum: 50.

BC can also be conducted at group locations of participants if farm of around 2 acres available and the Group should arrange logistics for conducting the course.    
7. Tailor Made on Demand Courses (TMDC) for specific groups with or without Specific Crop/Activity Training. Minimum: 25 Maximum: 50.
Admission will be on first come, first served basis only, with Advance Registration for specific course sessions.

Though no fee is payable, cost of implements, farming inputs, food and related expenses to be paid by the trainees.   

We also offer to set up Farming Training Centres on Franchise basis all over India and around the world to promote VASOF methods. 

Anyone interested with around 2 acres land and ready to do minimum investment can apply for Franchise and we will set up training centre with least cost along with high value crops farming in the land. Training Centre and high value crops farming will assure highest possible income from land to the land owners.
For further details, please mail request to E:  or sms "VASOF" to 8296309161.
Our Guiding Principle: Best fertiliser for any farm is the farmer’s footsteps-Confucius.  
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Dr. Abdul Latheef 
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Sustainable Development & Management Consultants Network/
Medicinal Planters Association of India/
Greenland Farms & Nursery Services.
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