When you move to the western coast of Karnataka, and Mangalore lends its name to a unique ‘bun’ and also a bajji. The northern parts of the state produce some deliciously rich sweets like Dharwad’s pedha and there’s the chewy karadantu of Gokak. We take you on a culinary trip across the state.

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1.      Mysore Masala Dose
Mysore Masala Dose is unique because of spicy red chutney that is spread on the dosa before the potato masala is slapped on.

2.      Mangalore Bun
The Mangalore Bun is closer to a puri because it’s deep fried and puffs up all golden and crisp. Ripe bananas go into the dough and add a slight sweetness to these tasty anytime snacks that hail from Mangalore.

3.      Bangarpet Panipuri
The small town of Bangarpet in Kolar district is known for its chaat. The filling contains green peas and shredded carrots. What’s more, the pani is a clear liquid, but still packs a punch.

4.      Belgaum Kunda
Its most famous sweet is Kunda, made from milk, khova and sugar. Apparently, it is Rajasthani families who moved to the region who brought this sweet making tradition with them.

5.      Bijapur Jolada Rotti
The jolada rotti, made from jowar flour, is a staple in these parts. These delicious rottis are eaten with the signature dishes of the region such as stuffed brinjals and an array of spicy pudis and chutneys.

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